Our menu features a distinctive balance of Southern-inspired favorites and unique creations you will find nowhere else.



Biscuits & Gravy | 5.95
House-made biscuit, sausage gravy

Stanford Sunrise | 7.50
2 eggs, biscuit, sausage gravy

Simple Man | 8.50
2 eggs, bacon, sausage or ham, choice of biscuit or toast

Hungry Man | 9.95
2 eggs, bacon, sausage or ham, home fries, choice of biscuit or toast

Breakfast Bowl | 9.95
Home fries, choice of bacon or sausage, 2 eggs, sausage gravy

Bluebird Bennie | 9.95
Fried green tomatoes, ham, red pepper coulis, smoked Gouda sauce, two eggs over easy


All omelets are served with biscuit or toast and home fries. Omelets prepared with 3 eggs.

Bluebird Omelet | 10.75
Eggs, onions, peppers, sausage, smoked Gouda sauce

Denver Omelet | 10.75
Eggs, ham, peppers, onions, cheddar-jack cheese

Garden Omelet | 9.30
Eggs, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, asparagus, tomatoes, cheddar-jack cheese


Classic Buttermilk Cakes | 7.50
Whipped cream, butter
∙ Add seasonal topping +2.00

French Toast | 10.95
Brioche bread, powdered sugar, strawberries, whipped cream

Sweet & Salty Combo | 10.75
∙ 1 pancake or French toast
∙ 2 sausage patties or 2 strips of bacon
∙ 2 eggs cooked your way


2 sausage patties | 3.95
2 slices of bacon | 4.95
Grits | 2.50

2 oz ham | 3.95
Extra egg | 1.75

Buttermilk biscuit | 2.00
Side of wheat toast | 1.50

Home fries | 2.50
Sausage gravy | 2.25



Fried Green Tomatoes | 8.95
Ham, scallions, cream cheese, roasted red pepper coulis

Pimento Dip | 9.95
Chilled smoked Gouda pimento cheese, roasted red peppers, jalapeños, crostinis

Dynamite Chicken | 9.95
Chicken, spring mix, red pepper flakes, scallions, house-made ranch


House Quesadilla | 10.95
Chicken, onion, peppers, cheddar-jack cheese, flour tortilla, served with housemade salsa and sour cream

Somerset Wrap | 10.25
Roasted chicken, pepper-jack cheese, fresh greens, tomatoes, avocados, chipotle honey mustard, flour tortilla
– Served with French fries or House-made chips

FGT BLT | 10.95
Fried green tomatoes, bacon, spring mix, Swiss cheese, pesto mayo, brioche bun
– Served with French fries or House-made chips

“Philly” Sandwich | 11.50
Roast beef, Swiss cheese, mushrooms, peppers, and onions on a roll
– Served with French fries or House-made chips

Harvest Wrap | 11.25
Blackened chicken, lettuce, blue cheese, tomatoes, walnuts, house-made pear vinaigrette, flour tortilla
– Served with French fries or House-made chips

Dynamite Chicken Wrap | 10.95
Chicken, spring mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, red pepper flakes, scallions, house-made ranch, flour tortilla
– Served with French fries or House-made chips

Bluebird Hot Brown | 10.25
Turkey, bacon-tomato-scallion crumble, smoked Gouda sauce, grilled French bread


Smokehouse Pasta | 12.50
Bowtie pasta, smoked Gouda sauce, crispy bacon, chicken, tomatoes, asparagus

Cajun Chicken Penne | 10.95
Blackened chicken, with sun-dried tomato in a Cajun Alfredo sauce


Harvest Moon Turkey | 11.95
Thick slices of house-roasted turkey breast, mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, cranberry, and turkey gravy

Blackened Catfish Platter | 13.95
Catfish fillets, Cajun seasoned and blackened, topped with Cajun butter and salsa
– Served with creamy mashed potatoes and house-made slaw

Roast Beef Platter | 14.95
Slow-braised Marksbury Farm Roast Beef, with an Au Jus
– Served with creamy mashed potatoes and southern Green Beans

Chef’s Famous Meatloaf | 13.95
“Fit for a King” home-style meatloaf with warm molasses and tomato sauce
– Served with creamy mashed potatoes

Shrimp and Grits | 11.95
Cheddar cheese grits topped with blackened shrimp

BBQ Platter | 14.95
Pulled pork, Kentucky honey barbeque sauce with house-made slaw
-Served with choice of Mac “N” Cheese or French fries


All-natural Marksbury Farm beef burgers on a brioche roll served with House-made chips, French fries or House-made slaw – Sub small house salad or soup + 2.00 – Add bacon + 4.95

House Burger | 11.50
Cheddar cheese, fresh greens, tomatoes, grilled onions, garlic aioli

BBQ Burger | 11.95
Cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, fresh greens, tomatoes, grilled onions

Firecracker Burger | 11.95
Pepper-jack cheese, spicy dynamite sauce, pickled jalapeños

Pimento Burger | 12.25
Garlic aioli, fresh greens, smoked Gouda pimento cheese

Gourmet Burger | 9.95
A smaller version of the House Burger


Dynamite Chicken Salad | 10.95
Chicken, spring mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, red pepper flakes, scallion, house-made ranch

Bluebird Cobb Salad | 11.95
Spring mix topped with bacon, roasted turkey, avocado, blue cheese, tomatoes, and house-made ranch

Blackened Chicken Caeser Salad | 9.95
Spring mix, croutons, Parmesan topped with blackened grilled chicken and a creamy Caesar dressing

Pear Salad | 10.95
Mixed greens, spiced walnuts, sliced pear, blue cheese, tomatoes, house-made roasted pear vinaigrette


White Chocolate Pie
6.00/30.00 whole pie
Fluffy white chocolate “icebox” pie with a graham cracker crust and fresh strawberries finished with a white chocolate drizzle

Seasonal Cobbler à la Mode | 6.00
Topped with vanilla ice cream

Cookies | .95 each


Chips & Gouda | 6.95
Smoked Gouda sauce | 4.00


French Fries | 2.95
House-made Chips | 2.95
House Salad | 3.50
Broccoli | 3.95
House-made Slaw | 1.95
Soup of the Day | Cup 3.50 – Bowl 5.00
Traditional Mac “N” Cheese | 3.95
Gouda Mac “N” Cheese | 3.95
Asparagus | 3.95


Served with fries or chips with a drink included

Cheese Quesadilla | 6.95

Cheeseburger | 6.95

Chicken Bites | 6.95

Mac & Cheese | 6.95


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