Bluebird Garden

Summertime is quickly upon us here in Kentucky, with longer days and front porch sitting evenings.

Here at Bluebird Cafe we are known for  “local. natural. pure.” We pride ourselves on working with local farms as much as possible to provide ingredients that are not only healthier but taste better too! This year we have taken that one step further with our very own garden. We are fortunate enough to have land to be able to grow on right down the road from the restaurant itself. It may only be our first year at this land, but we plan to continue this summer tradition & grow more food each year.

We are very excited to share progress photos with you this Summer. There is something so satisfying about watching your own food grow, (at least we think so!)


The cutest tiny tomatoes!

Flowers Flowers 2

& of course flowers for the bees! We’re going to need them working around the clock for how many tomato plants we’ve got.


Ah, the smell of fresh lavender.

Have you started your garden this year?
If so, share what you are growing!


“Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to garden, and the whole neighborhood gets tomatoes. “


Author: Brandi Monnett


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